A fic reading crime lover with too much love for John Barrowman. From Essex, but without the terrible accent.

Lover of Sci-Fi and Crime Drama.

Stargate, X-Files, Farscape, Castle, The Mentalist, Buffy, NCIS: LA, JAG, Dr Who, Sanctuary... stuff like that.

Buddhist, 21, lover of angst and country music, probably Bisexual.
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“In that [final] scene in ‘The Other Side,’ the most important objective for me was to convey that sense of ‘oh my God, what have we done?’ I feel very strongly as Sam and as Amanda that we don’t have the right to be judge, jury and executioner to any culture. While we may disagree with people’s politics we are not in the business of deciding what is right for the people of any planet we visit. Now, certainly genocide or the erradication of people simply because of the colour of their skin is so obviously wrong. We all know that. We, in our own history, are still dealing with the evils of that. But, does SG-1 have the right to knowingly kill a man for this, as his way of life is being destroyed? Could we have not brought him to trial on his planet after the dust had settled? Or heard both sides of the story on the war and made an intelligent decision based on that? Also, what gives us the right to make that kind of decision? Long story short-ish, I wanted Carter to show disappointment in O’Neill and the fact that she questioned his judgement. While I disagreed with their war and why it was being fought, I still struggled with our final judgement of him.” - Amanda Tapping (X)

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I don’t understand when I’m talking about a musical and someone asks me “how do you make a musical about that?” Like the second longest running show on Broadway is 100% people dressed as cats believe me anything can be a musical